What we do

Two guiding principles:


In a creative process nothing is left to chance.


In an organizational process, details are never left to chance.

Attention must always be achieved

Making people’s eyes stop on you is the first step, but this is not enough: you must earn your target’s attention through significant actions and messages.

Trade Shows

Thanks to its ten years’ experience in national and international exhibitions, WES provides a global service that relieves the companies from any task regarding the stand – before, during and after the exhibition – in this way they can focus on the most important issue: making their business grow.

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WES cooperates with several Museum and private Foundations for their permanent collections and temporary exhibits or installations.

Our strategy is to create engaging experiences for our visitors through the actual exhibition layout and specific multimedia features that allow an immediate content enjoyment with different in-depth levels.

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Interior Design projects

WES develops interior design projects for companies and commercial areas: showrooms and corners, which create functional environments with a strong identity.

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