Professional systems for art hanging and display

Our art exhibition stands are the ideal solution for the display of paintings and photographs in museum spaces and art galleries, for both temporary and permanent installations.

We tested our display and hanging systems inside international photo and artistic exhibitions, taking care of every detail from the project to the realization, always combining competence and innovation by collaborating with the best professionals on graphics, digitalization and set-up.

Maximum attention to detail

Scalable quality solutions

Highly experienced professionals

Professional design service

Global stand contractors

Custom stand solutions

Different solutions for different situations

The design of cultural exhibitions, art festivals and museum spaces is always the result of research and experience, looking for new materials and cutting-edge technology without losing sight of effectiveness and structure quality.

The development of art display and hanging systems for paintings and photographs often involve a careful analysis of the available spaces and a detailed study of structures, accessories and supports. Every project must respect the style and natural atmosphere of the exhibition environment, harmoniously integrating structures with historic buildings or modern environments.