What we do


Two guiding principles:




In the conception no detail is guided by chance.



In the organization no details are left to chance.


Attention must always be earned

Making your eyes stop is the first step, but it is not enough: you have to gain the attention of the target audience through relevant actions and messages.


WES creates projects, which help enhance brands and products, while providing a global and all-rounded service for tradeshows and exhibitions, helping companies optimise their investments around the world. Because we must never forget that taking part in a trade show is very expensive.


That’s why WES has developed a new design methodology that maximises the investments’ return, called “the active booth”, which besides offering a more rational and functional partition of the space, helps emphasize the products displayed while launching relevant messages to the different types of customers visiting the trade show. The active booth is attention getting for the visitors, and generates traffic creating more business opportunities.



WES cooperates with several Museum and private Foundations for their permanent collections and temporary exhibits or installations. Our strategy is to create engaging experiences for our visitors through the actual exhibition layout and specific multimedia features that allow an immediate content enjoyment with different in-depth levels.



Company spaces

WES develops interior design projects for companies and commercial areas: showrooms and corners, which create functional environments with a strong identity.





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